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Other design versions of assignment 1 November 17, 2007

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Me, Myself & I: Assignment 1 November 14, 2007

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Little IreneThis assignment required me to think of two things that I like or hate, which will precisely describe my character. Then I shall relate these two things to the letters of my name and finally create two designs for my name.

So, My English name is Irene. I made my own decision to name myself Irene when I was around 13 years old ,  simplu because I fell in love with a famous painting called Little Irene at first sight. And here is the painting…

Little Irene

Little Irene

I think the most intersting point of this assignment is to let you know who you are . You know, when I was sitting there thinking what kind of things in the world I love and hate actually, I gradually understood myself better. The feeling was kind of strange,haha. Besides, this assignment helped me learn how to apply visual signs to convey abstract ideas,namely constrant and puzzle.

And here are the two final versions of my assignment.

Irene hates constraint!

Irene loves puzzle!


Hey, it’s me! October 2, 2007

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Rather sorry to start building this blog so late.

I have no excuse other than laziness and dilatoriness.

Though it may be a stereotype to say “better late than never”, I still think it gives the best explanation to my situation.

I am here on exchange for the current semester. Coming from Guangzhou, a southern city of China where most people speak Cantonese, I discovered many similarities between Singapore and my hometown. In China, I study in Fudan University of Shanghai, majored in journalism.

I arrived in Singapore without concrete expectation and have reaped a lot during the past two months. Living on the campus of NUS, I enjoy freedom and diversity, which are both good for meditation.  

In short, I sincerely hope to explore the world by way of vision with all of you !


Hello world! September 1, 2007

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!